In cosideration of military and civilian vehicle manufacturing, it needs to hold up a serious and modern machinery background and human resource at our company.

In favour of the best utilization of this capacity we are interested in producing  of different steel components for famous and traditional european company.

Product and "raw materials" in this field of our activity:

  • Welded vehicle chassis and earth-moving machine components
  • Turned components
  • Bodies/superstructures, accessories (dead-weights, steel cargo body etc.) for trucks and vehicles
  •  High-tech painting


    Flame cutter

    Laser cutter

    Machine shop


    Welding of a dumper chassie  

    Dumper chassie after painting

    Road-roller chassies before shipping

    Road roller cross members waiting for shipping 

    Road roller cross members waiting for shipping 

    Lifting structure for special cranes



    Steel tipping body (Three-way tipper) 

    Steel tipping body (Three-way tipper) 

    Cargo body reinforced roll-bars against turn over

    Truck accessories:


    Rear dead-weight (930 kgs) for Unimog U300/400/500 

    Dead-weight equipped for a railway Unimog U400

    Fixed dead-weights (plus spare wheel) on the Unimog U400 cargo body


    Dead-weight (1220 kgs) for another Unimog configuration

    Dead-weight equipped for a military snowcutter Unimog U500

     Steel cargo body (5 tons payload) for Unimogs