Rába Vehicle Ltd. has got a traditional producing culture and capacity to create bus chassies. From this product more than 1000 units have been produced since 1988.  You can meet mumerous buses and coaches worldwide which ones  based on our chassies.

Our main product is the self-propelled Midibus chassis which enables the construction of a special superstructure with low floor. The power train has a Euro 5 emission class Daimler OM 904 LA engine which has a low emission of polluting material due to the AdBlue system. Besides gasoline, it can function even with 100 percent  biodiesel according to the norm EN14214 without any constructional changes. For power transission it is equipped with an Allison S2100 GEN4 automatic transmission with 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The front suspension is independent, equipped with  traverse link and RABA 270 wheel hub unit and with a 360 hard one-stage rear suspension stabilizer. There are air bellows and disc brakes in the front as well as in the back, ABS/ASR, ECAS (level control). The electronic system communicates throught the CAN system. The engine compartment is coated with a fire resistant material, as an option it can be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system.

B115.50-174 Midibus city chassies:

Midi busses in Latvia; Norway Iceland, Chech Republic, Greece and Hungary based on Rába chassies.

 Városi midibuszok Rigában  Távolsági busz Norvég tájon  Cseh kivitel
 Motortér  Vizsgálópadon  Midibusz Norvégiában

Type B260.80-300M intercity military coach chassie

Katonai busz alváz   Katonai busz  Katonai busz motortér