In the life of a company research & development represent an important pillar from the point of view of sustainable development. Due to ever emerging demand for research as well as to intellectual challenges, Rába was able to preserve and improve its outstanding capability for innovation, which was a key characteristic in the last 100 years and before.
To preserve the good name of Rába and to be able to compete with other market participants it is of utmost importance that our company is capable of reacting to the challenges of a quickly changing automobile industry, the technological advancements and management issues.
The intellectual capital is an important asset of a company that is hard to be expressed in terms of money that represents with the help of human knowledge, imaginative capability, capability to renewal and the show of enterprise the set of tools needed to implement our projects proactively. Based on this intellectual capital Rába with the support of the Hungarian Government and the European Union has implemented last year new projects about which you can read in details below.