Military off-road vehicles

Main activity of Rába Vehicle Ltd: to produce separate vehicles for military application and to satisfy all special demands of the Hungarian Defence Forces in connection with military off-road vehicles.

Hungarian Ministry of Defence had signed a tender in 2003. Subject of this tender: Long term developing of the fleet of Hungarian Defence Forces. Rába Vehicle Ltd had won this tender and had awarded a frame contract in this year. Contract duration time: 15 years.

The following chart shows and summerize wide range of our military products (Named by "H-family") from 2003.

Members of the "H-family":

 H14.206AEL-002  H14.206AEL-003  H18.206DAE-001
 H18.240DAEL-102 truck

 H14.206AEL-003 personnal cerrier truck

H18.206DAE-001 base vehicle 
 H18.206DAE-002 H18.206DAE-003   H18.206DAEL-002
H18.240DAEL-102 truck H18.206DAE-003 with fridge container

 H18.240 truck

 H18.206DAEL-003  H18.206DAEL-004 H18.206DAEL-006 
 H18.206DAEL-004 with crane  H18.206DAEL-006 truck (ADR)
 H25.206DAE-001 H25.206DAE-002  H25.206 DAE-003 
 H25.206DAE-001 water transporter( 8 m3)

H25.206DAE-002 fuel transporter

 (10 m3)

H25.206DAE-003 base vehicle 
H25.206 DAE-004  H25.206DAE-008   
H25.206DAE-004 with ISO 20' container  H25.206DAE-008 with ISO 20' (1CC) container

H25.324 DAEL-001 truck (ADR)