Chassis Development for firefighting vehicle at Raba Vehicle Ltd. using EU subvention

Raba Vehicle Ltd. has started a design and development program last summer using joint subvention from EU and Hungarian Government under the aegis of the Economic Development Operational Programme to construct a self-propelled chassis for a fire engine with significant added Hungarian content.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed last year by Renault Trucks Defense belonging to the Volvo Group and Rába concerning the preparatory actions needed for the development process.

As a result of the project receiving 126 million Forints in the form of subvention, a robust vehicle chassis tailored to domestic needs has been born, whose outstanding off-road capability is ensured by the special purpose Raba MAXS axles. During the design phase it was a special aspect that the vehicle allows for a safer run-up of fire fighting units in case of disaster or average.

The all-wheel-drive, high power chassis prototype together with the fire engine body designed by the Hungarian Disaster Management Services has been introduced to a professional audience in March 2014. 

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