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The Vehicle business unit together with its international partners – manufacturing chassis and steel structures for the automotive industry – is the exclusive supplier of the Hungarian Defence Forces till 2018 regarding off-road military vehicles. Raba’s capacities and experiences – built up during a long period of time – are complemented by projects such as manufacturing chassis for buses, construction vehicles and commercial vehicles.

 The military supplies include vehicles in 5 off-road vehicle classes according to the frame contract signed in 2003. The Raba H family of vehicles – intended for special military use – is the result of a decade long design work. Its design is in accordance with the modern military and technical demands. The vehicles can be transported by rail, by air, they are equipped with an anti-reconnaissance system and as an option they can be fitted with an armouring kit.


  • Trucks - max. 150 pcs/annum including parts
  • Bus chassis - max. 150 pcs/annum including parts
  • Superstructure (body) - max. 300 pcs/annum
  • Welded metal sheet parts (structures) (3-5 t) - max. 1000 units/annum

Teljesítménymérő pad  Szereldesor  Festőkamra

Prizes awarded

Special recognition for the innovation in the development and serial production of the RABA H family of off-road military trucks announced on the XIII. Competition for the Hungarian Award for Innovation.

The S91 Midibus built on Rába chassis took first prize on the Camion Truck & Bus competition based on the readers votes in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.