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Continuing sales growth, ongoing market recovery

Rába Group realized a consolidated, group-level revenue of nearly HUF 25 billion in the first half of 2018, which corresponds to a 13.2 percent increase in turnover compared to the base period. The successful operation of the company was supported by its now consistently outstanding cash flow generation in the first six months of this year.

Start of year brings outstanding sales growth and efficiency

Rába Group started the year 2018 successfully: the consolidated revenue reached HUF 12.4 billion, which corresponds to a 17.5 percent growth compared to the base period, and is the second highest group-level income in a decade. The excellent financial result, and the potentially lasting nature of the recovery of the key markets help the continuously modernizing company to broaden its business opportunities.

Rába closes business year 2017 with solid results, AGM raises dividend
The annual general meeting of Rába Holding Plc. approved the report of the Board of Directors on the business operation of the company in the year 2017. Rába Group concluded the business year 2017 with a total comprehensive income amounting to HUF 1.56 billion and consolidated total assets of HUF 36.4 billion. The AGM, in accordance with the company’s improving profitability, resolved that Rába increase dividends, thus the shareholders are to be paid HUF 23 per each share with the face value of HUF 1 000.
Improving profitability, ongoing modernisation

Closing another successful business year, the Rába Group realized a consolidated revenue of HUF 43.8 billion in 2017, which corresponds to a 2.8 percent surge in turnover. Alongside continuing excellent cash generation in 2017, the company has been implementing its large-scale investment program to cater to the demands of the key markets.

Recovering markets – implementation of investment program in focus

The Rába Group closed 2017 Q3 with consolidated revenues of nearly HUF 31 billion, realizing a 6.4 percent increase in turnover. The continued excellent figures were supported by recovering key markets in the first nine months of this year.

Growing revenue and profitability - European markets in focus

The Rába Group closed a successful 2017 H1 with consolidated sales of HUF 21.6 billion, which is a 5.4 percent increase compared to the base period. The company’s solid financial position is shown by spending twice last year’s amount on developments in the large-scale investment program in 2017, while keeping the net loan at a low level.

Building the future on solid financial basis

Thanks to its profitable operation Rába managed to further decrease its net loan alongside effectuating the payments of the large scale strategic investments launched last year. The European customers have already acknowledged the accuracy of the direction of the company’s strategic developments, and that shows in the growth of the sales revenue. The Rába Group increased its turnover by 10 percent compared to the base period, thus having realized consolidated group level sales of HUF 10.5 billion in 2017 Q1.

New business success on the welded vehicle parts market


So far having deliveries completed typically for construction companies, Rába has now entered an entirely new segment. This time around the company will be delivering welded vehicle parts for the Austrian subsidiary of Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) to create specific trucks. The total value of orders will reach up to EUR 10 million over the upcoming four years.

Rába 2016: solid financial basis helped launch investments that build the future

The Rába Group closed the business year 2016, which proved to be a milestone for the company, with consolidated sales of HUF 42.6 billion. The extremely low level of net borrowing, supporting the group’s financial basis, helped launch investments of strategic importance last year.

Rába's strategic investment program kicks off

Rába has opened a new chapter in its history. Profitable operations and an active loan reduction paved the way for the development and implementation of an investment program that will shape the company’s future. Through the Hungarian Government’s Large Enterprise Investment Support Program the company utilizes additional funds to finance development.