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Completion of aid project for axle development

Rába Axle Ltd., together with Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research, with Jankovits Engineering Ltd., and with the University of Miskolc, won a non-reimbursable grant of HUF 578,95 for the development of a higher-efficiency, higher-performance, lower-noise and longer-life, ie. “greener” powertrain-engine, under the Economic Development and Innovation Operative Programme with the project “Development of an engine with higher efficiency, higher performance, lower noise and extended service life for a new commercial vehicle powertrain“, identification number GINOP 2.2.1-15-2016-00017.

The amount of aid won within the framework of the call created an opportunity for Rába Axle Ltd. as the consortium leader, to develop the know-how of axle oiling in greater professional depth than before, as well as to devise new solutions that will be the flagships of its portfolio in the future. On top of reducing losses and thus increasing efficiency, Rába took advantage of the opportunity to develop a new, innovative lubrication system that takes into account the operating conditions, in addition to the traditional lubrication and cooling solutions used in axles so far. The driving force and main guideline for the development of the powertrain, and of a new type of "smart" lubrication system is the main objective of the call, the development of a higher-efficiency, higher-performance, lower-noise axles with an extended service life. The project implementation period lasted from 1 July 2016 to 31 March 2021.

By obtaining the grant, development opportunities were opened up for Rába Axle Ltd., by taking advantage of which not only the changed market needs of the current customers, e.g. noise reduction, longer servicing periods and higher efficiency can be met, but competing manufacturers can be taken on successfully, which may strengthen Rába's international market position.

Confirmed resolutions: RÁBA successfully closed business year 2019

On the initiative of shareholders, RÁBA Plc. held a General Meeting on 10 September 2020 with the aim of ex-post approving the resolutions passed by the Board of Directors in the competence of the General Meeting in accordance with the spring epidemiological regulations.

Rába enters new market segment
A cooperation, successfully launched last year, is set to be further expanded this year by Rába and its leading international partner. The new framework agreement signed with the integrator company responsible for complete seat sytems and now assuming a key partner status, justifies the business development strategy of Rába, a company committed to quality manufacturing.
Positive and stable operating cash-flow is headline target despite crisis

RÁBA Plc. closed the first half of 2020 with a consolidated sales revenue of HUF 19.2 billion. The company has offset the short and long term effects of the crisis caused by the coronavirus by improving operating efficiency and by forward-looking developments that support Rába’s strategic plans.

Exploitation of new market opportunities and developments point the way

RÁBA Plc. closed the first three months of 2020 with a consolidated sales revenue of HUF 11.8 billion. This year, when business predictions are difficult to make, Rába concentrates on cash-flow, and strives to improve operational efficiency and exploit newly arising market opportunities.

Another profitable business year

Rába Group increased its sales revenue by 2.4 percent compared to the base period, and the consolidated income amounted to almost HUF 50 billion in 2019 Q1-Q4. The company reached important milestones in its history in 2019: it strengthened its manufacturing competence and product portfolio by acquisition; after successfully concluding the test run serial production started on the new forging line, which is going to become Europe’s most modern and integrated production line in the front axle segment after the ancillary capacities become operational this year.

Profitable operation on volatile markets

Consolidated sales of Rába Group reached nearly HUF 38 billion in the first nine months of 2019, registering a 9.3 percent increase compared to the base period of 2018. The company boasted a profitable operation in 2019 Q1-Q3 by implementing significantly flexible and maximally customer-driven manufacturing.

Continuing revenue growth, solid profitability

Rába Group realized a consolidated, group-level revenue of nearly HUF 27.5 billion in the first half of 2019, which corresponds to a 12.9 percent increase in turnover compared to the base period. The company is looking forward to the completion of the investment program supporting its sustainable competitiveness at the end of the year while maintaining a solid profitability.

Significantly growing revenue and profitability

Rába Group increased its sales revenue by an outstanding 19 percent in the first three months of 2019, realizing a consolidated income of HUF 14.7 billion. In 2019 Q1 excellent cash-flow generation supported Rába’s business development, the last phases of the technology upgrade program to be concluded by the end of the year, and the acquisition agreement signed yesterday.

Growing sales revenue, ongoing modernization

The Rába Group closed 2018 Q3 with consolidated sales of HUF 34.7 billion, which is a 12.5 percent increase in sales compared to the base period. The strategic investment program of the company soon reaches the next milestone, the testing of the new production line is expected to start before the year is out.