BM Heros-Rába has started the manufacture of fire fighting vehicles

Rába Vehicle Ltd. has signed a 5-million-forint frame contract with the Budapest-based BM Heros Zrt., which is specialized in the manufacture and repair of disaster management equipment. Receiving the first order, BM Heros-Rába can now begin the manufacture of fire engines, which were designed to meet domestic needs with their outstanding driving and off-road capabilities. The fire engine superstructures will be produced by BM Heros Zrt., while the production of custom chassis will belong to Rába Vehicle Ltd.

Budapest-based BM Heros Zrt. launched an open tender to manufacture chassis for the new vehicles. Rába was highly recommended and had a great opportunity to win the tender.
According to the 3-year agreement, Rába will ship chassis for BM Heros. The total value of the first order was nearly 350 million forints.  Several more orders are expected in the future, making the first steps in the project implementation process.
According to the framework agreement, BM Heros will build their own Aquadux-X 4000 superstructures on Rába chassis. As a result of the cooperation, the emergency management professionals can work faster and safer with the modern fire trucks.
With decades of experience and well-established international relations, Rába has become an expert in the field of specialty and law enforcement vehicles. Rába-Heros Aquadux-X fire engine was first presented in March 2014; its chassis has been produced with significant value by domestic suppliers. Thanks to the frame contract, Rába can once again stand in the service of disaster management. Relying on its core competencies, such as the development, repair, production and research of specialty vehicles, Győr plant contributes to satisfy domestic needs.