Recovering markets – implementation of investment program in focus
The Rába Group closed 2017 Q3 with consolidated revenues of nearly HUF 31 billion, realizing a 6.4 percent increase in turnover. The continued excellent figures were supported by recovering key markets in the first nine months of this year.
Rába closes business year 2017 with solid results, AGM raises dividend
The annual general meeting of Rába Holding Plc. approved the report of the Board of Directors on the business operation of the company in the year 2017. Rába Group concluded the business year 2017 with a total comprehensive income amounting to HUF 1.56 billion and consolidated total assets of HUF 36.4 billion. The AGM, in accordance with the company’s improving profitability, resolved that Rába increase dividends, thus the shareholders are to be paid HUF 23 per each share with the face value of HUF 1 000.