Our fleet of machines comprises NC, CNC machining centres, NC, CNC lathe-, milling- and traditional lathe-, drilling-, milling- and grinding machines, broaching press machines as well as heat treatment equipments. The constant technical improvements and fleet of machines is the long-term guarantee that we are capable of pairing excellent quality with competitive prices.


Our traditional and NC, CNC lathe machines are suitable for machining parts with 10-600 mm diameter and maximal 1,000 mm length.

Drilling, milling

We carry out our milling technology with measures 700x 800x 900 mm on traditional and NC, CNC machines.

Precision-machining, grinding

Precision-machined, ground components are produced on a centre or capstan lathe: diameter: 4-300 mm and length: 800 mm.

Special technologies

We also have a special cold forming technology used to produce cold-finished (ribbed) profiles. Diameter: maximum 120 mm, length: 450 mm.

Our broaching press machines are suitable for machining parts with maximum 150 mm length and 220 mm diameter.



Heat treatment technology

The heat treatment technology of the Sárvár plant implies annealing, normalization, temper hardening and induction hardening of axle and plate materials as well.


In the meanwhile we became more and more competent in assembling of more-complicated preassembly


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