The Rába Automotive Components Manufacturing Ltd. is constantly upgrading its pressing technologies which comprises automatic and single-stroke eccentric and hydraulic presses.

The automatic presses (160 tons, 400 tons, 630 tons) efficiently service the needs of our automotive customers by providing them with serial produced pressed components. The Components Ltd. also produces internal pre-fabricated parts which after the implementation of welding, painting and assembling operations are supplied to our partners as semi-finished or finished products.
The main types of single-stroke eccentric and hydraulic presses are the C-case eccentric presses of 25, 40, 63, 100 and 250 tons as well as C-case hydraulic presses of 250 tons.
The above-mentioned presses are used in the production of short run parts and in that of serial produced parts that are not suitable for automatic production.
The projects in the next period are intend to be implemented primarily through automatic pressing technologies. This objective is well reflected by the latest capital investment of our company. A Zani type automatic eccentric press, weighs 400 tons, was put in operation in early 2006.






In the Mór factory various automotive parts are produced with manual and robot arc-welding
in a protective gas shield, projection-welding and spot welding. The serial products are produced with robot welding technology optimized by “Lean manufacturing” system.

- Projection welding, Spot-welding and Coordinate welding

The machines in the factory are suitable for the spot welding of female screws, threaded bolts, disc-tube and disc-disc. There are 19 manual spot-welders, each of 52-182 kVA capacity.

The plant is also equipped with automatic spot welding machines, which are presently used in the mass production of back restraint frames for cars.







- Robot welding MAG

In addition to the traditional manual welding technology, the Mór factory implemented 10 robot welding cells where presently the production of back seat frames for cars takes place.

There are 7 twin arm and 2 single arm robot welding cells and one twin arm 3D spot welder robot. All are of Motoman with up-to-date technology. The Swedish producer through its Hungarian representative provides non-stop service and troubleshooting ensuring the conditions of constant quality operation.




- Manual welding MIG/MAG (AFI), TIG

Traditional, wolfram electrode aluminum and steel welding.

Tube forming technology

At the Mór plant the production of tube-frames for seat frames of cars and commercial vehicles takes place. The plant is equipped with tube-cutting and CNC tube-bending


Cataphoretic painting

Cataphoretic painting is a surface treatment prevalent in the automotive industry, which forms a durable, weather resistant layer coat on the external and internal parts as

The company is capable of painting such specialty weight, iron and galvanized parts whose layer width ranges between 10 and 25 µm, have a submergence size limit of maximum 170 x 120 x 30 m and weight a maximum of 160 kgs. It is also capable of achieving an operational time of 2 hours and salt spraying resistance of 540 hours.







The cutting machines are suitable for the spreading of maximum 1,80 m wide fabric, the present cutting capacity enables the annual cutting of 500,000 car set trims.




Sewing workshop

The workshop uses automatic and traditional sewing machines in a “Lean manufacturing” system. The sewing cells are tailored to meet customers’ needs, and each one completes its work process during the same operational time. The capacity of the sewing shop is constantly adjusted in line with the volume of orders. Presently, it can assemble 300,000 car set trims annually.