The Rába Components Manufacturing Ltd. in line with market expectations has introduced and deploys a quality management system complying with the standards of IATF 16949:2016 as well as an environment focused operational system in compliance with EN ISO 14001:2015. Apart from these, the company's plant in Mór established a Safety Management System which is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 45001: 2018. By applying this integrated operational system and a project-based approach, the company monitors and measures the efficiency of its working processes and continuously improves them.

Our customers’ confidence and satisfaction, and market successes are achieved thanks to competitive prices, adherence to delivery dates as well as to constant good quality. The company aims to establish a brand, which is a guarantee for its partners. Its primary objective is to win the satisfaction of its customers by maximally meeting their needs.

With this object, in 2006, we installed up-to-date measuring instruments:

  • “DEA Global Classic” 3D coordinate measurement (Mór plant),
  • “MarSurf-XC 2” contour measuring instrument and
  • “Tesa Scope -355H-TS 300E” horizontal projector (Sárvár plant).

These checking devices ensure a higher measuring accuracy, the reproduction of test results and faster measurement with the help of software.

1.Measurements, tests

  • Gage R&R
  • SPC, Capacity test
  • 8D, PDCA problem solving
  • Benchmarking

2.Key equipments

  • 3D measuring machine
  • Burner oven
  • Tearing machine
  • Textile-tearing machine
  • Hardness measuring machine