The plant of Mór and Sárvár as well have a history of 40 years, the most important stations are the followings:

Mór plant

1969 The Pusztavám plant of IKARUS Carbody and Vehicle Corporation was established in the area of a late mine. It produced box doors, cable bunches and seats.

1991 Mór plant of IKARUS Vehicle Corporation.

1992 IKARUS Automotive Components Manufacturing Ltd. Mór (IMAG Ltd.)

2001 Rába won the IMAG Ltd. because of the debits of the Ltd and established the Rába Automotive Components Manufacturing Ltd.

Sárvár plant

1968 20.th August: Putting of the foundation stone of Normália plant, Sárvár plant of the Rába Hungarian Railway Carriage and Machine Works Plc.

1993 Rába Sárvár Ltd.

Rába Automotive Components Ltd.

2002 on 1st October the Rába Corp. Established the Rába Automotive Components Manufacturing Ltd. by contracting of components manufacturing plants of Győr, Mór and Sárvár.

2005 Plant of Győr came out,and attached to Rába Vechicle Ltd.