The Mór plant of the Rába Automotive Components Ltd., primarily an automotive supplier, produces welded, pressed structures and parts relying on up-to-date technology, for specific product ranges and of high quality.
It is a main supplier for Hungarian Suzuki Corp. and for Toyo Seat Hungary Ltd. in the product range of seat accessory parts (seat frames and seat trims). 
Furthermore it is Tier 1 supplier of Volkswagen Group as regards pressed parts of engine. It also supplies Tier 2 by seat frames, pressed and welded parts for cars.
We pursue our activity through the extension of our product range, the strengthening of our industrial relations, and the establishment of new businesses and active relations within the frame of supplier on project-based cooperation.
References: Magyar Suzuki, Magyar Toyo Seat, F.S. Fehrer GmbH, Volkswagen Group, Sears Seating.

Number of employees: 598 persons
Area: 85 500 m2
Built-in area: 32 000 m2