TechnologiesThe Rába Axle Ltd. boasts great experience and achievements in the research and development, and manufacture of axles and axle components as well.

Its products are primarily installed in:

  • medium- and heavy-duty trucks,
  • military trucks,
  • specially vehicles: tractors and construction equipments,
  • buses.

Customer focus

The organization of the company, its employees and technical equipment (CAD, electronic customer relationship management, etc.) are all lined up to fully serve the needs of OEM and Tier1 partners. We offer our customers great flexibility and a fast access to market opportunities by means of co-operation already in the design phase.

Vertical integration

The strength of the Rába Axle lies in the vertically integrated production process which makes Rába capable of offering complex package to its customers including:

  • Engineering activity
    • forgings are designed with 3D ProE software
    • part deformation simulation in the die through MSC Autoforge
  • Forging capacity
    • Maxima presses 1000/2500/4000/6300 t
    • Hot extruding 800/1000 t
    • I-beam production line (400 kJ counter blownhammer)
  • Tool manufacturing with CAM applications
  • Heat treatment (annealing, normalizing, hardening and tempering equipments, case hardening, induction hardening, stress relieving)
  • Machining capacity
  • Surface treatment
  • Test and measurement laboratories
  • Assembly plant
  • Parts supply in painted, packed condition
  • Logistic solutions

The vertical integration of Rába Axle Ltd. is a great advantage in meeting customer needs fast and flexible.


The design engineers of the company have been cooperating with experts of international automotive companies for a long time. The Rába Axle Ltd. designs and tests its products in close cooperation with its automotive partners, and is ready to satisfy the most unique customer requirements.

Value creation

As a market player specialized in axle and axle components production, the Rába Axle creates value to OEMs with its cost-efficient, high quality products that are designed to meet specific customer needs. The company received the certificate of ISO/TS 16949. The ISO/TS 16949 Quality Assurance System applicable in automotive industry provides guarantee for steady and reliable quality. Our company obtained the Certificate of Approval of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standards as well.