1964 Development and production of type 018 bus rear axles (IKARUS)
1971 Type 831 truck rear axle at the Budapest International Fair
1974 US market / mid 70’s Russian market / mid 80’s West Eu market /
1977 Off highway axles for the Steiger tractors (Rába patents)
1993 Wet brake off high way axles
1994 Portal drive axle of low floor buses
1995 Low noise double reduction drive axle family, innovation award for the Axle BU
1996 Asian market / - 1997 South American market Present-years developments
1997 Set of wet brake tractor axles
1999 Wet brake axle for the John Deere 9000 series rubber band tractor Market enterings
2000 Establishing of Rába Axle Manufacturing and Trading Ltd.
2002 Introduction of independent front suspension
2003 ISO/TS 16949 certification & strengthen the EU off-highway pozitions
2004 Development of axle with 35° drive in and related angle drive
2005 MFB credit in the total amount of 6,2 billion HUF for investments

2004 - 2005 Sales volume increase by 67% (basis year 2003)

2006 Martin Macik came in eleventh in the Dakar-rally
2007 Contract with Marmon Herrington and Scania
2008 Long-term agreement with John Deere and delivery framework with Claas
2009 In addition to the existing delivery contract, it signed a three-year agreement of cooperation with Scania. It introduced Rába MAXS, the modular type off-road axle family 
2010 The Raba Development Institute started its operation on July 1, 2010. Penetration into a new market segment through the selling of axles for specialty trucks in the CIS markets (URAL). An additional five-year-long sales agreement with Marmon-Herrington for the selling of Raba's products.
2011 Raba Axle Business Unit's product portfolio was expanded through the new generation of bus axles. The Technological Centre was inaugurated in 2011. Raba Axle Ltd. together with BPW Hungária Kft. have signed a supply agreement. The company has signed a three-year, long-term agreement with another dominant player of the truck market, by virtue of which Raba will supply axle components to the European market.
2012 John Deere once again contracted Raba to develop the axle for one of its top-of-the range products, the 560 hp, rubber-tyre tractor. The development project was concluded successfully, serial production started as part of a five-year, long-term supply agreement. As a result of a substantial Brazilian deal Raba managed to significantly increase the American sales of specialty truck axles. The company managed to further strengthen its position on the European tractor market through the acquisition of a further deal. Raba started to supply the axles developed for the universal, 500 hp plus prime mover, the highest performance vehicle of the German Claas.
2013 Within the segment of high performance agricultural machinery axles it was successful in the industrialisation of its two major development projects related to John Deere and Claas. Expansion is manifest on the South American market: Raba Axle's business unit together with Marmon-Herrington, supplies complete axles for the security vehicles ordered for football world championship and for the 2016 summer Olympics. Raba managed to expand the range of products supplied to the Russian bus market through the addition of midibus axle sets. The company acquired new orders from two premium category European automotive manufacturers in 2013.
2014 Rába achieved excellence from 3 significant customer, John Deere, Claas, and Meritor.