Main data

Year of astabilishment: 1890
Area installed: 20 000m2
Annual total capacity: 40 000 t
Basic material used:

  • alloyed and unalloyed steels
  • micro-alloyed steels

Rába Forging Plant was established in 1896, so we have more than a hundred-years of experience in making forged products. Continuous developments allowed constant increase in production capacity. As a result, the Forging Plant – together with the integrated heat treatment workshop of appropriate capacity and high quality level – has became one of the largest and most up-to-date forges in Hungary. The main profile of the forging plant includes the forgings of components for the automotive industry (trucks, buses, specialty vehicles), which are installed either into Rába designed front and rear axles, head assemblies or are delivered for axle and transmission manufacturers worldwide.

Production means available in the Forging Plant are applicable to produce the following specific products:

  • Conventional and integral knuckles
  • Shafts (axle beams, axle shafts, camshafts)
  • Round, symmetrical forgings (ring gears, drive pinions, planetary ring gears, planet gears, gears, planetary carriers, wheel hubs, spindles, flanged differential case halves)
  • Arm-like parts (tie rod arms, steering arms, slack adjusters, cardan yokes, differential spiders)
  • Brackets and stubs (brake spiders)

Beyond the forging operation, there are isothermal annealing, normalizing as well as quenching and tempering equipment used for heat treatment the forgings, with additional straightening, crack detecting, shot blasting, hardness measuring equipment.

Engineering activities

Advanced engineering expertise is available for the Forging Plant. Forgings are designed with 3D PRO/E software; MSC Autoforge is used to simulate the deformation and material flow of the part in the die

Heat treatment
  • Core hardening: 6,000 t/year
  • Induction hardening: 120 000 pc/year

Machines, products and machine capacity data


Product weight (kg)

Typical products

Forcing capacity (3 shifts) in thousand pcs/year
LASCO counter blow hammer (400kJ) (50-145) I-beam
63 MN Maxima mechanical forging press (20-35) Knuckle, ring gear
40 MN Maxima mechanical froging press (2-8) Steering arm, tie rod  arm, gear
25 MN mechanical froging press (1-8) Differential gear, spider, sun and planetary gear
10 MN mechanical froging press (0,5-3) Differential pinion
LASCO hot-extruding production line (8 MN) (8-20) Beves pinion, spindle
LASCO hot-extruding production line (8 MN) (15-30) Spindle