Environmental Management System

The Rába Group is committed to sustainable development and the ongoing improvement of environmental performance.
The company bears in mind the criteria of sustainable development, as well as the elimination of negative environmental impacts at all times.

The environmental management princilpes of Rába Axle Ltd.:
Prevention: Prevent harmful emissions and pollutions.
Reduction: Reduced material and energy consumption, lower emission of pollutants.
Recycling: Increased recycling.
Conservation: Conserve water, soil, air and built environment conditions.
Managerial cooperation: Set objectives and ensure the resources required for achieving the objectives.
Employee involvement: Define the authority and responsibility of the employees according to their abilities.
Process orientation: Regard the operation of the company not as a set of business units, rather as processes achieving business aims.
System approach: Integrational approach to human resources, infrastructure, company processes and external relationships.
Persistent improvements: Seek and make use of opportunities to continuous perfection on each area.

ISO 14001 environmental management system is extended to all the activities and services of Rába Group. Rába puts great emphasis on the aspects and requirements of environmental protection in its existing and future development projects.


The Environmental Management System is recertified by DNV in April, 2012, in March, 2015 and in March, 2018.