The Rába Axle Ltd. boasts great experience and achievements in the research and development, and manufacture of axles and axle components as well.

Its products are primarily installed in:

  • medium- and heavy-duty trucks,
  • military trucks,
  • specialty vehicles: tractors and construction equipments,
  • buses.

Rába is one of the most significant producers of independent axles and axle parts. As the largest member of the holding, the Axle Business Unit specializes in the production and development of complete axles, and main axle parts and spare parts. The strategic goal of the Business Unit is to ensure long-term, high and steady profitability of its activity through its appropriately diversified product and customer portfolio and by reducing its exposure to particular regions, to foreign exchange rates, and to the changing market sizes of vehicle categories. The Axle Business Unit sees potential growth through sales of special axles in the US markets, in the sales of machined and forged axle spare parts for trucks in the European markets, and in the sales of axles for buses and commercial vehicles in Eastern Europe (mainly in successor states of the Soviet Union).